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Unable to rejoin Zoom meeting


One of out staff got disconnected and could rejoin meeting.  This was the error he got below


"Get meeting key time out, 0, 4  error code 70"


I can't find anything for this error so far and there doesn't seem to be any logs in the local user profile (perhaps as he joined as a guest?)  so not sure what was wrong.  Even rebooting PC didn't help fix the issue.


Have anyone seen this error before?   



I have encountered the same issue multiple times (only with E2EE meetings) and still have no clue why this issue appears in the first place. So far it happens to guest/external users. For example, if the host puts a guest in the "waiting room" and then re-admits after some time, the guest can't join the meeting anymore and gets this error 70 stated as "network issue". Afterward, neither guest nor the internal user can join the meeting and the meetings require to be restarted by the host, once the meeting is restarted, both internal and the guest users are able to join the meeting without any issues. Have you encountered this issue on a specific version of Zoom or on multiple versions?

I've been trying to find an answer online, but I got nothing so far. Very enigmatic thing is that this only affects 25% of all the E2EE meetings.

It has only been reported to me once so far but it was during a legal hearing with the EPO so I was asked to look into it further.   One other person from the office  who joined the same meeting from home didn't have a problem but she wasn't disconnected mid meeting.  I have upgraded Zoom to the latest version since then and am just hoping it won't happen again 🤞

I also had this problem during two separate legal meetings with the EPO (European patent office) this February. It was exactly as described above: 
- unable to rejoin the meeting after being put in waiting room by EPO chairperson
- problem occurred only after a few hours
- at least the second meeting was with E2E encryption (don't recall if the first had it as well)
- exactly the same error message:  "get meeting key time out, 0, 4  error code 70" (after a few minutes of "connection" dialog)
- repeated attempts gave identical results; eventually I gave up and reconnected by mobile phone

If someone from EPO is reading this; please flag this with your zoom account manager as a serious problem.


Got the same issue now, never had it before. Thought on first sight that my internet connection is bad as I am using it when traveling, but it seems to be not the issue.

Would be great if zoom could publich a list of all error codes, at least with a description to address the issue. Might also be a base for the chatbot to give instructions to maybe be able to give a solution for all problems some day.

i did find some error codes (see below) but it wasn't very comprehensive as this one wasn't listed. 


Common error codes and messages – Zoom Support