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Unable to find transcription file


Hi, I am unable to locate (if there is one) a VTT file after a recorded session. I have a paid subscription and saved the recording to the zoom cloud. Under Account Management-->Account Settings-->Cloud recording-->I have unchecked "record audio file only" and checked "save close caption as a VTT file" and "record active speaker with shared screen". 

Only one file returned, which is the recording itself, I don't get the option for any other files.

What am I missing? 



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Kw4,


thank you for your inquiry.


In order to enable access to recording transcriptions you will need to enable this in your admin settings:

Account Management-->Account Settings-->`Recording--> tick Audio Transcript for a seperate VTT file.


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No this does not solve the problem. I have the exact same issue as above.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Thank you for your response.


In addition to my post on how to access and enable audio transcript for cloud recordings. There is a prerequisite to enable audio transcription which requires a Zoom Business, Education or Enterprise account - Please let me know if your Zoom account falls into one of theses categories and I will raise a support ticket to assist further. 


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Dear Zoom - I like many have a paid PRO account (I am a business of 1), your user documentation says I can create a cloud recording and transcript.  IF you the transcript feature is disabled in a person's PRO account this should be spelled out.  Wish you offered a single license business account!


Very disappointed.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Not sure which documentation you were looking at, but the cloud recording transcription article clearly states which accounts have this ability:

The site page here  says both Business and Personal Pro licences have Real-time transcription available when clicking on 'See detail'.

Hi Bort.  I am having the same problem.  I need this transcript for doctoral work and your Pro plan which I paid for said I would have access to the transcript.  I found your response insensitive and curt. I bought the pro plan just for this purpose, as the free plan can do anything else I need.

Yeah, and I have an account through my college (as an instructor).  The transcripts USED TO BE CREATED.  Now, they are not. You are lying about the features of your product and defrauding the public.  Time to get sued.

Like Many, Pro Account also and really feel let down.  I also wish that this had been made very clear, not just discoverable if you go searching for the answer ( I like many have spent hours trying to fins out why no VTT file etc..)  Its a bit like selling a car then asking after, do you want wheels with that!! and feels like an unnecessary and greedy add on to generate income.       Will revert to teams which offers the facility as standard and no additional cost.

As Flinstone below notes, you did used to have this included.  In fact I just used your link to the description dated Oct 2022, and it says:

"Prerequisites for using audio transcription

Note: If you meet the prerequisites above, but do not see the option, submit a request to Zoom Support to have this feature enabled."


So I will try to submit at ticket now.

Literally NONE of this works.  You guys screwed up and eliminated this feature.



Since the last update, the VTT files ARE NOT PRESENT.  Not in my personal account recordings and not in my college (instructor) account recordings.  This worked in previous semesters.  The update completely did away with all transcript files. These are needed for ADA compliance.  And yes, I followed ALL the steps. Yes, ALL appropriate boxes are checked.    

I'm having the same problem--no more transcripts. This was an essential element of Zoom for my work. I hope Zoom responds here so we can get on with our lives. 


Hi All,  Since Zoom does not want to offer transcription for PRO accounts, I found an excellent service for transcription that I used with my recorded audio/video Zoom meetings, called Transcribe by Wreally You can try it out.  It did an excellent job (reasonably priced) and even identified different speakers in the transcription file output.  

I have confirmed we have a business account that meets the pre-requisites for Transcription files and we are recording to the cloud.  While reviewing the settings in Admin, there is no option that indicates "Audio transcript for a separate VTT file".  The only option is:  "Save closed caption as a VTT file".  In none of the zoom publications does it indicate Closed captioning MUST be turned on to VTT files to be produced.  It just says "record to the cloud".  Please help me to acquire the VTT files.


I am currently on a business account (meets prerequisite) and it seems the field "Create audio transcript" has been removed which might be why transcripts are no longer being added to cloud recordings file lists. 


I have the same problem. I click to download all 4 files and I only get the MP4. I used to be able to just download the VTT file. I have "Save closed caption as a VTT file" enabled. Very frustrating as we use the transcripts for research purposes and trying to get them from the recording is a royal pain.