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Hi Guys,


I have one colleague experiencing an "INVALID MEETING ID error" on all of his scheduled meetings.  Does anyone have the same experience? I read some articles and watch some youtube videos on the resolution but they are just telling that the Zoom Application needs to be updated. I tried the resolution but the problem still persist on the following scheduled meeting.


Can anyone help with the final fix for this?





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I'd first recommend that the user log into Zoom.US into the meetings list, and assuming that the meetings are still here, start one from the Start link on the web page.  If the meeting doesn't start then, I'm not sure what to tell you other than to log a Support Ticket: 


If the meeting does start, then something has happened to the meeting URL that was sent out.  Only a couple of scenarios come to mind:

  1. I've seen multiple instances where a Zoom user has mangled up the URL somehow, either by sending only a partial URL, accidentally typing into the middle of it, or one user did a "find and replace" function that also changed part of a link.
  2. The organization may have recently created a "vanity" URL through Zoom, such as, but the original links sent out used the generic domain.  Any links send out might need to be updated to the ones in the current Meeting invitation.
  3. User's account was canceled by the admin.  Rare, but happens... but then he shouldn't be able to get into his account. 😎

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1. Verify the Meeting ID
The number one reason you are likely to have issues joining a Zoom meeting is the wrong meeting ID. Rather than typing the meeting ID into the entry bar character by character, it's best to copy it from the invitation and paste it directly into the bar. That way, you can avoid any mistakes.

If you are still seeing the error after doing this, then contact the host to check if you are getting the correct meeting ID and if the meeting is still in progress.

2. Check Internet Connection
You need a strong and active internet connection to join a zoom meeting. Try to access other apps on your device to detect the problem with your network. Opening a single web page in your browser is enough to determine if your connection is the problem.

You can place the router near you to improve your network strength or restart it. If this does not work, you might have to switch to another network.

3. Update the Zoom App
Invalid meeting ID errors can occur due to an outdated version of the Zoom app. But before attempting to update the app, you can log out and relaunch Zoom to see if it helps. If it doesn't, you can proceed to update and install the latest version.