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USB Mixer Automatically Disconnects When Zoom is Open


I'm on Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1 running Zoom 5.17.2

My USB Mixer (Zoom L-8) is connected to my Mac (Mac Studio M1 Ultra) and works great until I open Zoom.
Once I open Zoom my USB Mixer will disconnect and will disappear from my list of sound devices when I try to activate it.

Zoom has permissions to my microphone and camera in the security and privacy settings. It'll work, but just not with my mixer.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Years pass, and yet Mac & USB will never truly be friends.



If I understand correctly, the audio device is no longer recognized by MacOS once Zoom opens. Have you already pulled MacOS logs for the audio device and associated bus via console to investigate further?

Hi @ChicagoBacon just checking in with @bstrelko's reply. Was this helpful at all? If so, please let us know how else we can help. If not, and you have resolved this - please share what you did to get this working again. We are looking forward to your reply! 

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I'm also having trouble with the same situation.
I contacted Zoom L-8 support, but was told that they could not provide support because it was not eligible software.

Can I use Zoom Meeting as a USB audio interface with an OS older than Sonoma?

I'm using a new OS, so I can't verify it.