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Trouble with feedback during meeting livestreamed on YouTube


Our board meetings are being livestreamed on YouTube. The room is set up with a camera and audio system that will detect speakers and focus on them while they speak. We also have a podium where our main speaker can present during the meeting. When any speaker aside from the podium speaker is speaking, we are experiencing feedback on that audio on the YouTube livestream. It's important to add that these speakers are logged into the Zoom meeting on personal laptops however, they are not connected to audio. Does anyone know what might be the issue?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Missing some details here.

1.) Is the main Zoom Client / Zoom Rooms computer connected directly to the audio system? What is the signal flow?

2.) Can you confirm that the mics are not picking up ANY downstream audio (users logged into Zoom, users monitoring via YouTube, etc) that would create a feedback loop?

3.) Are there noise-reduction or AEC settings enabled on the master Zoom connection?

4.) Is there voice-lift in the room and has this been properly configured/routed so that mics do not re-transmit lift from other mics?


This info will help inform next steps. 


Hey @valerieCDO I'm just checking in to see if you're still having problems with your feedback during your live steam to Youtube. Also, wanted to point out the Knowledge Base article on Troubleshooting Audio Issues and let us know if any of the suggestions are helpful! @bstrelko's response will also help us understand your issue a bit better! 🙂

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