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Trouble w/ constant Freezing of other participants when meeting is enlarged (not an internet issue)


Hi, after the recent update I have experienced freezing when my zoom meeting is enlarged, (only with the other participant) constantly, and the only way to restore it is to minimize the screen. I happens very often (like every 3 minutes) and it has become a huge inconvenience. There is never an issue with the internet/connection when it happens, and it seems to do it for every meeting regardless of the time of day or who it is with. At first I thought it was just a minor issue, but it's been happening for weeks now and I haven't been able to find a solution. How can I fix this?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Try checking minimum systems requirements, make sure your Zoom client is updated to latest version and check your CPU utilization isn't too high. Close all running applications during a Zoom call and see what percentage of CPU and system resources are being used.

If this does not resolve it, then open a support ticket.




A lot of people including myself are facing this exact same issue. I've checked internet connection, downloaded the latest Zoom client, uninstalled / reinstalled, checked variety of webcams etc. Nothing has helped. I've switched to using my mobile phone for now and it doesn't seem to have an issue. But this is not a long term workaround! If so many people are facing the exact problem, there is something on Zoom end that need to be looked at. I haven't heard anything from the Zoom team. There are multiple threads / chats with the same problem.