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Sudden account suspension


I would be very grateful to get some advice on the following: 


We have receive a sudden message: " We've detected an issue with user , associated with your Zoom account, that violates the or section 3(d) of Zoom's Terms of Service . For this reason, this user has been suspended."


The message offers us an option to appeal, which we immediately did, also asking for clarification, as we don't actually know what went wrong. It happened 24 hours ago, and no answer so far. This is a critical problem for us. 


I would appreciate any advice on what is the best (fast and effective) way to at least understand the nature of the problem, and hopefully solve it. We sent an appeal form and sent a service request, but no response so far. 

Thank you!



I appealed and this is what I got next day:


We’ve detected an issue with your account that violated our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Guidelines. In particular, this issue violated section 8 of the Zoom Terms of Service and resulted in a permanent restriction.


Now, I don't know what to do anymore.
I think I haven't violate anything tho :<