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Striped Shirt is Vibrating


When I use my Logitech Brio webcam in Zoom on my laptop (Dell Vostro 5502 - Windows 10), and I am wearing a striped or patterned shirt, the shirt appears to be moving or vibrating - see attachments, I know it sounds weird, but it is very distracting to everyone on the Zoom session. It does not happen with my Logitech 920 on another computer. It does not happen on my iPad. And it does not happen in the laptop camera app. I have manipulated every video setting in Zoom, to no avail. I have spoken with tech support from Logitech and Dell. I followed every suggestion they had, to no avail. No one has any idea. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you have a suggestion that I can try? Thanks very much.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi Michael,


I've noticed this as well with my checker pattern dress shirts. I've found unchecking the HD selection under Video Settings > Camera helps to smooth this out. 





Hey @Michael! It seems like you're experiencing Moiré in your meetings. As I have not experienced this yet, however, I did come across this article, Moiré Patterns in Video Conferencing. Paul Konikowski, CTS-D, suggested the following: 

  • Reduce Background Noise
  • Reduce outdoor lighting as it'll help with room acoustics as well as the lighting for your meeting
  • Use artificial lighting from above ideally angled towards you

Along with these suggestions, I would also look into your Video Settings on your Zoom Desktop Client and messing with the 'Adjust for Low light' and/or clicking on 'Advanced' and unchecking or checking 'Optimize video quality with de-noise; to see if that helps with the Moiré in your meetings. Also with that, I may have to find a striped shirt to test this out as well! 😄 Open to others' suggestions! 

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Thanks. I tried all these suggestions but they did not help me. The only suggestion that provided a partial help is in the Brio settings, using LogiTune, to reduce sharpness. But it is a trade-off with the less sharp image. I'm still looking for suggestions.

You see this sort of thing with Television. The easiest answer is try a different shirt.