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Stop resizing or moving the window without my consent! Just leave it alone!


Zoom resizes my window whenever I join or leave a breakout room, goes fulls-screen when someone shares content, constantly moves things around without my consent. There should be a setting that "locks" the window, so that it behaves like almost every other application, behaves properly and normally, simply stays where I have put it. In fact, that should be the default behaviour. Why is this difficult? If I, the user, put the application in full-screen, maximized, or restored, it should stay in that state until I, the user, tell you differently. It is not for the developers to impose on me how I want and need to arrange my desktop, without my consent.



Me too, i provide security for a recovery meeting and every time I go back to the main room the window is about 1/4 of the screen, in a tall rectangle. Whatever I had open before, participants, chat, breakout room box, they're all gone. Very frustrating. I would like to know what Zoom is doing about this.