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Side by side view


We are using zoom in a church setting. The host is one of our members who trims the recording and posts on facebook.  The church setup is as a participant.  We have two monitors and a projector.  One monitor displays the presentation software, in our case an open source product called VideoPsalm, the other screen has Zoom on it, usually gallery view of those watching remotely. We have a camera showing the church service and we share the projector screen for the words of the hymns.

During screen sharing our second monitor, the one dedicated to zoom, showed the zoom participants and the projector screen share in side by side view or at least side by side.  The operator could then see what was going out on zoom.

At the end of April something happened and we no longer have the view of what we are sharing.  During screen share the other participants are shown in a strip and the rest of the screen is empty except for the share tool bar which we generally drag to the other screen so it is easily accessible. It may have been something we did or a zoom update.

I have tried to find the setting  but failed.  Online suggests that this arrangement can only be done by the host but we did have it.

Any ideas?