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Showing Zoom windows during screen share



since an update there is no more possibility for me to show Zoom windows during a screen share. I enabled this feature in the account settings, but in "setting / share screen" there is no box "Showing Zoom windows during screen share" to select (look at my screenshot).

Any ideas?

Thanks, Goerd



Hey @goerd, If you go to and search (ctrl+F) or (command+F) for Screen Share and you should see 'Show Zoom windows during screen share' ensure that's enabled as well and then close the client and re-open to see if it reappears. May need to sign out and sign back in as well. Try enabling that and let me know if that helped! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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Thank you for your answer, but this box ist enabled in the settings, but it does not appear, although I signed out and signed back. 

I have enabled and locked in 

Show Zoom windows during screen share

It works until I enable "share sound" when I am sharing a screen, then the Zoom Window with participants disappears.  I know it did not used to be that way.  Help?

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

I am also having the same problem, The Show Zoom windows during screen share option is enabled in my settings but there is no option to show just the Zoom client and when I share my whole screen the other meeting participants cannot see my Zoom client. This means I cannot train and guide my users how to make the best use of Zoom