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Shortcuts automation on Mac OS and iOS


Does Zoom have any plans to add automation apis that can be used by the Shortcuts automation system on iOS and Mac OS? I'd like to be able to use that to do things like start a meeting, switch backgrounds based on location,  switch audio/video based on location. An example of this is that I always use a background when calling from home but i don't want to use one when calling from the office. It is a clunky, multi-step process to switch backgrounds. If I could automate this using ShortCuts, I wouldn't need to worry about this.




We are looking at Zoom Phone to be able to replace our desk phones to communicate through our workstations, after meeting with a ZP specialist we found that Zoom is woefully unable to do any automation.  In order to make a call you have to open the application and go the contacts list and hunt for the person you want to call.  No keyboard shortcuts, external app or hardware support (we use Stream Deck and Keyboard Maestro on Macs for automating things).  We have MuteDeck for Zoom on Stream Deck that will do a few limited functions for meetings, but that's it.  Perhaps Siri comes into play here but haven't looked into that yet.  But yes, if there are 2 or 3 people you call all day you should be able to type a keystroke or hit a button to initiate a call, not hunt and click around an app.