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Sharing a Live Webinar


I belong to an organization and am responsible for getting a group of 15 people through the first 4 months of training. These trainings are on a live webinar. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share the link with the people and need to do a zoom meeting and then share the webinar. I am looking for feedback on being able to give them the best sound of the webinar, when using share sound option


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Are you supposed to record the training in a Zoom Meeting and then play that recording in Webinar?


 Your question isn’t really clear, and I’m reading between the lines here. It might be helpful if you walked through the process you’re expecting to follow, step by step. 

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No, I am not recording anything. I have a zoom meeting with 14 people sometimes more. The first quarter they do not have access to the live webinar done through gotowebinar. I am registered for that meeting and then share it through Zoom. It seemed to work well last night with the "Share Sound" I just seem to need to make sure I am not using my headset at the time.