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Share screen with sound and mix-minus




Please bear with me, this may seem a convoluted setup but I have reasons…


I have been streaming events in Zoom on a MacBook by outputting a vision mix over virtual webcam. I have the Zoom camera off and mic muted, and share screen set to second camera with sound - the second camera picking up an OBS virtual camera and sound going through OBS monitor device set to ZoomAudioDevice. I have done extensive testing and believe this is the best way to deliver a HD vision mix that maintains lip-sync. It also means no special privileges needed on the Zoom account, so I can always use the client’s own account.



The floor with this is that there seems to be no way to get a mix-minus of the Zoom meeting - ie Zoom only outputs sound with my input to ZoomAudioDevice (ie OBS sound mix) as well as the meeting sound. This is great to monitor, but for the host of the meeting I can’t provide a monitor of the meeting participants without the host hearing themselves.


Any suggestions? Thank you 🙏