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Shady Zoom


I attended meeting a meeting with a psychic/medium at 7pm EST on Jan 17th. I knew something was fishy when he asked people to raise their hands, it kept lowering and I clicked it over and over again. When I took me phone to record what was going on, it finally stayed raised. Red flag #1 The other thing was that out of all the people he read, not one of them had social media presence. Red flag #2. They said in their email - "We have 10-12 video blocks that are positioned on the screen and audience members will be chosen at random and cycled through. You will notice that different audience members will appear at random throughout the show." Never saw anyone else on the screen. And "Your video and audio will only turn on if your group is selected. There is no way that you can turn it off or on by yourself. We will do it for you when you are chosen." which means they saw me using my phone to film the issue with the raise/lowered hand issue.