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Separating microphone and speakers using mobile device during zoom meetings



I am a new user to zoom.  Can anyone give me advise on audio setup for a meeting for a group of non technical older homeowners.  Several mobile devices are being used as the main connections to our zoom meeting.  See attached doc on my physical setup. 


The issue is audio.  I am trying to create a hybrid zoom meeting,  where 50 people are at an outside pool location holding the meeting and then other people  are watching this meeting remotely thru zoom. I am hosting the meeting remotely.


My Main challenges that I am trying to improve the audio;


1) Pool participants complained that they could not can hear the zoom people well when they spoke

2) Zoom participants complained that they could not can hear the Pool participants well when they spoke.


My current set up is as follows:  Remember these folks are very non-technical. So a mix-minus audio solution and audio mixer is not in the cards as a solution.


  • I am running 3 mobile devices.
  • I am running everything off of data and not wifi.  (2 iphones and 1 ipad).  
  • Camera phone is being used as the main camera on tripod - phone camera on, audio speakers off, zoom  microphone off  (no ear buds plugged in )
  • Audio camera is being used as a microphone - phone camera off, audio is connected to Bluetooth earphone, Zoom mic on. 
  • Moderator is wearing earphones and is walking around with the audio phone and letting pool participants speak 
  • IPAD is being used as a speaker - camera on, audio speakers on, zoom microphone off  (no ear buds plugged in)

I am trying to put distance between these three device we are having feedback.


My challenge is I need to figure out a solution for both:


  1. Connecting some kind of wireless microphone  to an iphone that can be strictly a mic and not a speaker. So people can speak from the pool into  zoom platform thru the iphone. (earphone are both mic and speaker so my current solution  is no good)
  2. Connecting some kind of wireless speakers to an iphone  or ipad that can can act strictly as a speaker and disable the microphone. So people at the pool meeting can hear the remote people speaking from zoom.
  3. Feedback is a problem.

Here is a Video of meeting -  Two spotlighted cohosts - camera and audio  (iphones)

Youtube - Video Link


Is there anything that I can do to my mobile device to  separate microphones from speakers, so they can run independently. 


Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.