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Sennheiser Teamconnect Speakerphones Mute/Unmute Not in Sync with Zoom Desktop App on Windows


Zoom Desktop App Version 5.11.10 (8200)

OS: Windows 10, Surface Pro

Device used: Sennheiser Teamconnect Wireless speaker/microphone (echo cancelling speakerphone)


When people on one end of a Zoom call mute all participants, it then stops the functionality of our Sennheiser Teamconnect speakerphones from being able to be muted and it must instead be done through the app from then on. This is not an issue in Microsoft Teams.

The mute functionality works fine when it is only done using the microphones and no muting through the Zoom app. The functionality breaks after someone mutes through the app and it loses 'sync' with the device.


We already have the option 'sync buttons on headset' selected. Have tried disabling the option in Zoom, disconnecting the device, reboot computer, reconnect device, re-open Zoom and re-enable the option above but it didn't help.


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Creator I
Creator I

Hello jessicam,


This sounds like a technical issue that should be handled by Zoom's support team. You can fill out a ticket here Submit a request – Zoom Help Center .

Please remember to mark responses as accepted if they resolve your issue.
***Sometimes success is only achieved through many failures!***


Thank you - I have also submitted a ticket.