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Self-view always Lags in Zoom but never in Google Meet


I have a Logitech Brio camera, and a Radeon RX Vega graphics card, with two monitors.

I am running Windows 11.
When I check my task manager, my CPU usage is below 20%, my memory usage is below 60% and my GPU is running at 5% with it's memory below 3% usage.

So, everything looks pretty good with the hardware, but every time I use Self-View with Zoom, my camera lags horribly.  (I'm not sure how much it improves for the other people in the session, but at least I'm not totally distracted by my jerky lags with self-view on).

With Google Meet I do not have this problem. The camera in self-view is always perfect.

But, in Zoom it is always major lag.

I should add that I can the other person in the meeting is 100% fine; while I am lagging like crazy!

Any advice?



 I think I solved it.  I used to use a Nexigo camera.  It seems the old Nexigo driver was still installed and was in conflict.  I have had zero lag since  I uninstalled the Nexigo software driver.

I'm just leaving this here in case it can help anyone else with a similar issue.
If you are having issues with lag on a Nexigo camera - trying updating the drivers/software.
If you  are using a different brand of camera but used to have Nexigo - try uninstalling the Nexigo software.