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Screensharing only works on GNOME wayland (when it should work on all window managers)


Currently, the zoom application has put an arbirtrary restriction on screensharing so it ONLY works on GNOME, when the api being used works on all wayland desktops. This should get fixed ASAP so people on all desktops can screenshare


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You can use this Zoom web page to make a feature request directly to Zoom staff:

Or submit a Support Ticket to Zoom staff at: 
Us volunteers in the Zoom Community don’t have a way to handle feature requests or fixes to broken software. 

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To clarify this isn't a feature request. Zoom on 5.11+ supports wayland specific bindings for screensharing. So asking for support on non-GNOME desktops is just asking for zoom to *allow* it's application to run screensharing--not add a feature to screenshare. It honestly seems like the block was a carryover from when zoom could only screenshare on ubuntu on wayland due to it's backwards compatibility it had temporarily. Perhaps a better description could be "Remove artifacts of old screensharing limitations"?


When I try to screen share, I gen an error message saying: "...  we only support Wayland on Gnome with Ubuntu 17 and above, Fedora 25 and above, Debian 9 and above ..." and so on. I run PureOS whch is based on Debian (11 i think). That makes me suspect that screen sharing could work for med, but Zoom doesn't let me try, just because the *name* is not "Debian". Do you think I'm right?

I have version 5.11.9 of zoom by the way.

Update: I was right! I got an advice to edit my `/etc/os-release` and change `ID=pureos` to `ID=debian`. It works!! (I'm happy that it works, but I'm angry because it's stupid)


Is that still the case right now?