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Screen sharing cannot be fixed at 1 output projector


Hi, I have dual output (Projector and TV) when doing Zoom. I start ZOOM with dual monitor enabled at the setting. When I do share screen, the share screen prompt out at projector side. But when other participant is sharing their screen, it prompt out at TV side. I already tried to drag and drop the screen, but every time participant sharing their screen, it is on TV side. I want it to always prompt out at Projector side. Can I know whether there is fixed setting so that everyone who do their share screen will be always prompt out at projector side?


Will be glad if anyone can help.

Thanks alot


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This is not currently a parameter that can be specified in Zoom Client, but the issue is definitely a pain point for other users as well. Please be sure to reach out to Zoom Support directly to submit a feature request and get some additional traction!


If you are interested in a hardware-based solution, there is always the option to route 2 outputs from the host computer (1 mirrored from the laptop, 1 extended) into an inexpensive HDMI switcher and press a button to select which screen is sent to the projector at at any time.