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Scaling Issues


Windows 10 PC - Lenovo 20W1S0VM00

Windows 10 Version: 22H2

Zoom Version: 6.0.4 (38135)


I've been seeing an issue with Zoom meetings when launched it shows 1/4 of the image and then white the rest of where the participants should be. This is specific to Zoom, not any other meeting application.


Steps taken:


1) Removed Zoom

2) Ran CleanZoom software

3) Reinstalled MSI from Zoom download Center

4) Changed scaling from 150 % to 100 % within Windows - this seems to fix for most people but this is a bandaid not a fix. 


Has anyone seen this with a permanent fix? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Despite being a Band-Aid, does #4 actually appear to resolve the issue when implemented?


This info will help to inform next steps.


Also helpful:

  • Is an external display being used?
  • What is the current resolution of the display(s) used?
  • What is being used as the graphics engine - integrated GPU/CPU or discrete GPU? Which model?
  • Is hardware acceleration being used?
  • Which video rendering method is selected?


The video options outlined in this article ( may likely come into play and are worth playing around with.



In this paticular situation, #4 does not fix the issue. This has been happening to several users within the company and for most, the 'fix' has been to change Windows scaling from 150 % to 100% during a meeting and then back to 150 when done. But, again, this does not fix the paticular users issue.


Yes but it happens on external and with no external monitors connected.


intergrated GPU

Hardware acceleration is being used

All default video settings even disabled HD video to test with


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Got it. Had this issue been present on previous versions of Zoom, or is this the first version installed on the particular users' machine?


Also worth looking into advanced video settings (link posted above), not just "HD" etc - I'm talking about rendering methods, etc.
Windows can also set display scaling at the individual application level.


If you are not able to consistently replicate this issue on all other machines in your fleet, the individual laptop's hardware and configuration settings need to be investigated first.

Yes, it has been happening for months. 


The plan as of now is to swap out machines but that won't be for another couple of days. 


I'll update once that is completed.

I've had the same issue for months, HP Zbook G10 Win 10 Enterprise, with the laptop display set to 150% scaling.  The scaling per app seems to fix the issue, I set the "High DPI scaling override" to "Override" and "Scaling performed by: Application".  Thanks for the suggestion, it's been driving me crazy.


Thank you so much for the video link.

It seems like you've taken several troubleshooting steps already. To address the scaling issue permanently, ensure Zoom is set to handle high DPI settings correctly. Right-click the Zoom shortcut, go to Properties > Compatibility, and check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings." Apply and restart Zoom to see if the issue persists. Last month, I had to write a detailed research proposal, and I was totally stuck. I decided to try after seeing positive reviews online. The writer assigned to my project was very experienced and produced an excellent proposal. It made a huge difference for me. Highly recommend them for any writing needs!