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Same meeting ID


It has come to our attention that our clients are receiving the same Zoom ID for their calls, leading to cross-connections and potential confusion during meetings. This situation is impacting the smooth flow of communication and jeopardizing the integrity of our client interactions.

Given the urgency of this matter, I kindly request your immediate assistance in resolving this issue. If possible?



There seems to be an issue with Zoom IDs being accidentally reused for different calls, causing confusion and disrupting communication with your clients. To address this urgently, here's a multi-step approach: First, check your Zoom settings. If automatic ID generation is enabled, consider switching to manual creation for more control. Zoom also allows customizing meeting ID prefixes or lengths to ensure uniqueness. Second, review your internal processes. Investigate if someone might be unintentionally reusing IDs. Establish a clear system for generating and assigning unique IDs to each meeting. Third, ensure everyone (you and your clients) is using the latest Zoom app version. Outdated versions might have bugs related to ID generation. Finally, to minimize disruption while resolving the issue, keep your clients informed. Explain the problem and the steps you're taking to fix it. Additionally, make it a practice to double-check meeting IDs with clients before each call to avoid confusion.