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Running multiple zoom rooms in the same meeting


We are looking to create a kind of sub-room, or sub-meeting where some of the participants are listening to the English speaker and others are listening to the translated version.

My search has lead me to two options:


  1. Using live translator

  2. Using breakout rooms

However, in both cases the "main" or English audio is shared and listened to. In am wondering if there's a way such that the breakout room as a different audio from the "main" room


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Sameh4


this is correct. Language Interpretation is not available in Breakout Rooms and unfortunately it is also not possible to share different audio to different rooms from the main session at this time. As the host of the meeting, you do have the option to Share Content to your Breakout Rooms however this would then apply to all of them and not individual rooms.