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Resolution troubleshooting




I run a live event production company, we have a customer who we do their livestream setup for and they had us to a hybrid zoom meeting the other day.  Worked well but the resolution was garbage.  The other members all looked clear but our outbound feed was very poor.  I had our typical camera system feeding in to a laptop as a webcam, on that laptop the video looked great.  Then i logged in with a second laptop to monitor the meeting and that is where we could see the problem.  All of the other participants looked sharp and good, ours was very very bad.  


Doing speed tests we are in the 500-1000mbs range with 1ms ping so that is not the problem, this was on a macbook air running os 10.4 tiger and the current version of zoom downloaded that morning.  


Are there any tutorials for settings, or best practices to get the best possible video/audio settings?