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Recordings all very low quality


Hi folks- I'm wondering if anyone else is dealing with this. I've got all the settings for HD turned on, but I'm still getting video output at 640x360. I have tried:

1. Recording only to the cloud

2. Recording only to the computer

3. Having myself and everyone else drop off, make the participant the host, and have them record to their machine.


All of these have resulted in very low-quality video output. I used to record zoom meetings all the time and get decent video out of them. Did something change? Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get better quality? When I record only myself locally I get 1500x720 but as soon as I add another participant the quality plummets. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and best regards, 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Ghawkins ,


If you look in your Zoom settings and look in the settings section you can see what quality your video is being used and shared. There can only be one video quality and so it a phone or other low quality device in on your call, it will reduce everyone to that setting.
Just because you choose HD does not make you a 1080p feed. If you don't have a business account, you are most likely to be 720p

all the best