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Recording shared screen on mac limited to 720p


Hi everyone. I have a pro plan, and used to be recording meetings using my old windows surface pro 7. This computer was terrible and I upgraded to a macbook pro 14 (2021). The macbook is way better, except that when recording my zoom meetings, it's always limited to 720p no matter what I do.


I've enabled all the HD settings, and made sure every single setting is identical to how it was when I was using my surface pro 7. But still, when recording the shared screen in zoom it is limited to 720p. 


I've contacted zoom support multiple times about this issue but their support is absolutely terrible. They don't care to read or understand your situation, and it's been a huge waste of time. I'm hoping someone could shed light on this issue.

I just went to try recording on my surface pro 7 and it is still able to record shared screens in 1080p. I'm guessing that this has got something to do with the differences between windows and mac. Anyone had this issue before and solved it?



do you have this setting on?


Where do you find that setting?