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Recording in immersive view




I have an issue with local recording of a Zoom meeting using immersive view.  Whenever I record a meeting, all my guests are in excellent HD quality, but me, as host, am very blurred and in low quality, as is the immersive background image (which is perfect quality on screen and for everyone else)!  This happens no matter what camera I use, or what computer.  I have tried using an iMac, MacBook Pro and a brand new Mac Studio, but the result is always the same—the recording of the host and background is low quality, whilst the recording of all other guests is perfect.  I have checked that my Zoom setting is set to HD and the account is set to 'Group HD' recording.


I would be very grateful if somwone could suggest a fix (or workaround) for this as a matter of urgency. I have attached a screenshot from today's recording where Steve (the speaker top centre) is the host and recording on the account to his iMac. As you will see there is a real difference in the quality of his video to the rest.  He has the latest, top of the range, Logitech Brio camera.


Many thanks!


Warmest regards