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Recording a slide show presentation with speaker side by side


I work for a university and edit many zoom recordings to put on YouTube as evergreen tutorials. Most of the recordings I get show the thumbnail of the speaker covering up the top right corner of the slide.  When I signed in to the desktop client I don't see how to make side by side the default. I know participants can do this. I want to show my colleagues how to set that up so that the recording they make doesn't show the thumbnail over the slide. My normal procedure is to show the speaker for a few minutes, then trim to the slide in Final Cut Pro and not have the speaker show. I occasionally will zoom out so future viewers will see who is talking. When Webinars are created and recorded, the side-by-side seems to be the default, but in regular Meetings, most of the recordings sent to me have the speaker thumbnail covering as mentioned. I don't see where a host can change that setting in my desktop client.


Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

I don't think there's any side by side option for recordings. Here are the layout possibilities:


Recording layouts – Zoom Support