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Recording Zoom meeting and needing a sign language interpreter to be seen




Does anyone know of a way to have a sign language interpreters Zoom window appear in the recording of a Zoom meeting?


I work in the community services sector with people who are living with disabilities including hearing/auditory function loss. To ensure accessibility and equality for all we must have a sign language (AUSLAN here is Australia) interpreter present and the same accessibility and equality message goes for recording our meetings/presentations on zoom as well.


Currently when you record the Zoom meetings, only the main/active window is recorded and users switch out as they speak which means that if you attend the meeting then you can consistently see the sign language interpreter in the side panel at all times, but the recording doesn't pick them up.


Ay work arounds would be greatly appreciated.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I would try spotlighting the camera with the interpreter.  Not sure if it's the correct way but I think it would work.