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Recording Problem: two guests plus host


I have PRO  Using headset.  Using lap top.   Recording myself as host with two guests.   Asked a question to guest #1, could hear the answer.  Asked question to guest #2, they could hear me I could not hear them but guest #1 did ear them.  Trying to record an interview show for a community  radio station.  Prior to turning on recording, could hear both guests.  Had to stop interview.  WHAT could have been the problem and how to solve, and  keep from happening again?  They both have Zoom PRO or higher.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Suzanne99 


This is most likely a software problem, in my opinion.


I would start by ensuring you and your guests are all using up-to-date Zoom software.


Some other troubleshooting questions would be:


Could you hear Guest #2 again after you stopped the recording?

Were you using cloud or local recording?


Did you check the recording, to check whether Guest #2 could actually be heard in the recording?


Do you know if either guest's Pro account is part of an organization controlled by an Administrator?


Do you know if Guest #1, and Guest #2, received the Zoom-notification that the meeting was being recorded? 


Knowing the answers to these questions will help track down your problem, if software updates doesn't solve it.