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Recorded video has overlay covering screen


The last 2 meetings I've hosted have had the same issue, This issue was a problem about a year or more ago, but was fixed. It's back now however. 


I have 2 monitors and present on one of the monitors. I share my screen from the monitor (not from the application, which happens to be Powerpoint and/or Photoshop.). The participants window, showing participants video in a vertical dock, is on the screen that's NOT being shared. But, the recorded video (recorded on the local computer) shows the participants window overlaying my presentation. This IS NOT the way it is in during the presentation. The participants windows overlays a critical part of the recording. The attached image shows the top-right corner of the recorded video. 


This is a huge problem for me as what's being covered is thee crux of my presentation. 


This needs to be fixed! (again)



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you're recording locally, try going into the Settings menu on your Zoom desktop app, and clicking "Recording" on the left hand side.  In those options, uncheck the box for "Record video during screen sharing."