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Recorded event on a live zoom meeting


We have 200-300 attendees on our events that we run on Zoom. The sessions are engaging and involved many of the attendees on camera actively participating in the event. The presenter has run these live up to now but we would like to run them using a recording of a previous session but give the exact same experience as a live event. So multiple attendees on screen watching and listening to the presenter as if he were presenting live but in fact it is a recording. We have tested this by screen sharing the recording on a zoom meeting and have a couple of sticking points:

1. When you move your cursor over the screen it pops up saying "you are viewing 'name's' screen" - is there a way to stop this from popping up?

2. When the presenter shares his screen his camera moves to the top right of the screen which on a recording sits behind the live participants. Is there a way around this?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @NatalieBeswick 

To answer your question #1.

Are you saying that you do not want the control menu to appear?

From the menu more, click on Hide Floating Controles and it will disappear.
Or you can also use "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H".
To make the menu disappear again, press the "Esc" key.