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Re-linking/merging phone audio with app during meeting when (too often) link is lost


tl;dr - when calling in using participant ID, app and phone are linked; when link is lost (happens often), there's no option to re-link them


I sometimes call into Zoom meetings I've already joined via macOS or iOS apps when I'm moving and may be switching between cellular and WiFi connections. When I start, I typically use the same participant ID when calling in so I show up as a single participant and mute/unmute inside the app applies to my phone connection. That's great.


Unfortunately, I frequently the app (especially on iOS) frequently loses its connection for various reasons (app crashes, switching between apps, internet glitches, whatever) and ends up getting assigned a new/different participant ID. At this point, I'm still connected to audio with my phone, but I can no longer use the app to mute/unmute my phone because it shows as no audio connected (and I appear as two participants in the meeting).


Is there any way to reconnect the devices other than hanging up and dialing back in with the app's new participant ID (and miss part of the meeting audio)? It would be really nice if, when connected by phone and app in the same meeting as two separate devices, the audio button in the app would offer a "merge with my phone" option to re-link audio controls between app and phone. I'm assuming that, since I'm using a participant ID and my phone shows as my account in the meeting, Zoom knows the phone and app belong to the same account.