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Hi! I have a problem with the questionnaires: I cannot see the results after the call. Can someone please help me?


I plan all the calls directly in a Google Calendar, and all of them are reoccured (usually once per week). After each call participants see my Zoom questionnaire, so they can give short feedback. The problem is that Zoom shows questionnaire results only after non-reoccurred calls, which happens only once. And after each call in a reoccurred session, I cannot see the results. The most terrible is that we had a project for two months  (reoccured calls), and after each of them, participants filled in a built-in Zoom questionnaire. However, after our project finished, Zoom didn't understand it, and when I tried to change the timetable to finish reoccurring calls, all answers were deleted.


I will be very much thankful to everyone who can help to solve this situation and to make questionnaires work well: what I want is to see questionnaire results after each call, even if they are reoccurred and use one Zoom link. Thank you!