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Polls and Quizzes in a meeting


I last used ZOOM on Friday 13/05/2022.  At that time when I went into 'Meetings' there was a tab for POLLS/QUIZZES and I had a list of polls I had created.  I would tick the ones I wanted that day (maximum of 10), then run a scheduled meeting and they would be there for me to launch.


The POLLS/QUIZZES tab has gone and appears to now be at the bottom of individual scheduled meetings and all my previously saved polls are nowhere to be found.  I am now having to recreate the polls/quizzes for each scheduled meeting then save the meeting as a template which saves the polls/quizzes with it.  I can work with this going forward as I schedule new meetings but currently have 3 to 4 months of already scheduled meetings


Support documentation suggests there is a selection to save polls in a central library but I cannot find it.  I need to add the appropriate poll/quizzes to each of the existing already scheduled meetings but can't find a way other than creating new ones for each meeting or new meetings.


Does anyone have a solution or even know when/why the polls/quizzes feature changed?