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Please put a giant "well-lit" Mute / Unmute button at the top or bottom of the Zoom meeting screen


I made this request 2-3 years ago and was summarily refused. This is such an easy code fix; I was truly disturbed by Zoom's response and total failure to understand what is really going on with average users out in the world. Feel free to keep the audio setup methodology that you already have...fine...I love being forced to remember the 3 or 4 steps it takes to get to the audio controls...but please add this "easy button". Along with (1) figuring out how to properly send meeting invitations and (2) meeting hosts to manage their screens, the #1 issue I experience in my use of zoom in multiple groups (over 15) is the simple failure of attendees to mute and unmute themselves and the time wasted with the silence, the additional time to figure out how to mute / unmute, and then even more time to restate whatever they were saying. NOT EVERY USER IS AN EXPERT nor do they want to be. These folks are often embarrassed when they realize what has happened. Is that really the experience with zoom that you want them to have? Bosses and other leaders, as well as some attendees, are already clamoring to go back to in-person meetings. I'm giving you a simple change that will really help out YOUR meeting goers have a better experience. Two more things. If you can, make the button mute zoom ONLY, not the whole system. And, your current output method doesn't actually fully mute the audio. I can still hear it even when the output level in your popout window is at zero.