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Participant list with HIPAA compliant zoom?


Hi, I have a licensed zoom account through my organization that is HIPAA compliant.  My account allows up to 300 participants in meetings, but when I try to check attendance, names and emails are masked (just a bunch of asterisks).  I'm assuming this is because the account with my organization is HIPAA-compliant, but MY use of the account is for training and teaching where I need access to attendance.  Is there a way for participant reports to be enabled?  Thanks for your help!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @FeuEnGlace 

Yes, this would be because of your account having Zoom's legacy HIPAA compliance enabled. I believe if your account admin or owner spoke with your account's sales rep, they could change to the new HIPAA compliance, which I believe does allow for attendance to be tracked and cloud recordings.