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Outlook Zoom add-in (Mac)


Can't sign out from Zoom add-in Outlook/Mac. SSO signin. When singing out and attempting to sign in again via SSO, the add-in always logs me in with the previous zoom account/email. No option provided to enter a new SSO email address. Cleared various caches etc without any success. Hence, can't change Zoom account in outlook add-in.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi There,


Have you tried reinstalling the app ?


The add-in is admin deployed and I can't remove and reinstall it. Whenever I try to sign out from the add-in in Outlook Mac and then sign-in again via SSO, it automatically signs in to the same corporate account that I also manage. Once the domain is specified in SSO login (UNDP) to signs in to the same account, without asking me for credentials.


PS: this account is not even linked to my outlook.