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Options for Host to control user's Video/Audio Controls during - Health SOS emergency


Hi, Y'all - 

I continue to struggle with epilepsy, and unfortunately, during a video session last week, I had a grand-mal seizure over zoom. As you can see in the screenshot attached (me in the red frame), my seizure created a lot of tension. Therefore, I am contacting you in the Zoom Community to see if there are any suggestions of what my professor (The Host) could have done differently. 


During my event, unfortunately, I had my microphone on mute. I had a virtual background that was not clear and headphones in my ears. So when the first responders arrived, my class struggled to communicate and understand what was happening. 


What does Zoom currently have in place to help in emergencies like these? I know The Host can auto turn off and ASK a user to turn on their audio/video. Are there options the Host has when the user is unconscious and unresponsive?  

1. turn the user mic on? 

2. turn the virtual background off?

3. turn the speaker on for communication with the first responder? 

4. leave a prominent note on a computer screen for the first responder? 


Your feedback, insights, and other ideas would be greatly appreciated as I continue to use Zoom as a primary source of video conferencing for school.





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Wow, @HunterMetcalfUX – I’m glad you’re okay, and appreciate the line of questioning you’ve presented.


One thing that I do for all my meetings is check the box to ask all attendees to grant me permission to unmute them:


That could possibly have helped, as the instructor could unmute you directly (as opposed to asking you to unmute), and they would have been able to hear any verbalizing you were able to do, and also listen to any conversations from responders, family members, etc. 

Personally, I’d say dump the virtual background completely. (We all have to clean up some space to do that!). I don’t know of a way to turn that off remotely with the standard Zoom client app. Also, no way to change the speaker settings remotely.  (I’m thinking maybe there’s a way to create a separate Zoom app with additional “help/rescue” options.)  Having virtual background off could mean the difference between your instructor overreacting vs doing something literally lifesaving to assist you. 

As for leaving a note – no way to really leave a note on just your computer screen long term, but assuming they can view your camera and know if anyone is there to read a note… I would start a Screen Share with a Whiteboard, and type messages there.  “Please listen to headset” would maybe be a good start, then your instructor could have a 2-way conversation with the responder.


I’d also suggest you create either/both of a Zoom Support ticket asking if there’s anything Zoom can suggest in situations like yours, and/or a Feature Request asking for specific capabilities in the Zoom app that can be enabled for similar situations. for Support Tickets for Feature Requests 


I’ll also reach out to you with a private message asking about another help channel I’d like to explore. 


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