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Not Able to Enable/Find Virtual Background Blur etc Area!


Hello All,

I have the latest version of Zoom installed on my older IMac with operating system High Sierra 10.13.6. I am trying to blur my background. I only attend meetings; do not initiate them. 

When I click on my profile picture, I do not see any side panel (left side) pop up with setting up virtual background. 

I do see "settings", so I have clicked on that.

I have enabled "

Virtual background

Customize your background to keep your environment private from others in a meeting. This can be used with or without a green screen."
But I don't see any area to select a background, any background. I just want to blur mine for when I attend meetings!
Is it possible, that since I opened an account Zoom thinks I'm an administrator and for some reason, the virtual background setting is blocked or missing? 
I don't see "background and filters" anywhere.
Sure would like input and help for what seems like it should be an easy task. 
Thanks in advance for any help.
Screen shots show what I see.

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Virtual Backgrounds require more processing power, which is why Zoom will automatically detect if your device has enough CPU to handle it. If not it will not display the option. As you are talking about an older iMac, I would guess that is the reason why you don't see it. Try using the same account on a more recent device and it should confirm this to you.



Hi there, I have a brand new IMAC computer and I'm not finding the blur background in my filters. I've looked everywhere and have it installed on my laptops. My computer was purchased in 2021 so this shouldn't be an issue correct. Can you help me navigate how to install on my computer? Thank you! 


When you are in a meeting, you have a video icon on the left, if you click the arrow next to it you will see all video options. That's where you see the "Blur Video" option. And yes, it should be available on a 2021 mac, unless you are running a ton of processes that are killing your CPU.


Thanks - I i think this might explain why I don't see the virtual background option on my macbook air from 2014 yet I can get it on my iphone 12


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

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