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None of the participants are "showing up" in my meetings


Two similar but separate events happened and can't figure out why.  


The first instance, my colleague asked me to open up the meeting and allow the instructor to enter from the waiting room and give his host access.  Once I gave the instructor the host access, I could use just leave the meeting and let him run the class.  For whatever reason, as the class start time approached, no one was showing up. I had to email the instructor and he said that he was waiting to get let in.  Couldn't figure out what was happening but eventually he just created a zoom meeting using the free version (we're using the licensed product).  I was logging in from my personal laptop at home. 


The second instance, today, I just got my own account access from my employer ( university license also).  I opened up the meeting at my office computer and the same thing happened, no one was waiting to come in and again I called a colleague and he confirmed he was waiting for the meeting to start. 


Am I missing something?  I uploaded the Zoom app on to my laptop at home and desktop at work. Today, I just reinstalled the zoom app on the desktop.  Not sure what is going on!  Please help!  I can't be running these classes/meetings like this. 



Hi @Roikiller if you're the host and you click on the 🔰 "Security", you have the option to enable or disable the waiting room. Sounds like the meeting was set up with the waiting room enabled. Are you the one that schedules meetings but you don't actually "host" the meeting? 

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The one I had to host from my house was my coworker's account since she wasn't around to open it.  However, the meeting at my office was initiated by me.