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No option to Share my wired devices on iMac Pro


I've tried over several month and it's always the same. I've successfully shared dozens of files and videos from my iMac pro computer so I understand the process. However, anytime I'm hosting a meeting on the same computer and want to share my USB connected iPhone screen to the meeting, it never shows up so I can't.


I'm using macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and Zoom Version: 5.10.4 (6592) and my Finder shows the wired connection to the iPhone so my computer knows the phone is connected. When I click on Share Screen, there is no option displayed for my iPhone. Attached screenshots. One of the photos shows what I think I should see (from the Zoom help page) since it is a wired connection but my options never show that. The other two photos show my options to share on the Basic and Advanced tabs. The Files tab is similar so I didn't put the screen shot here.


Would love to fix this!!! Thanks



I am having a similar issue and wondering if you ever found a solution.  I am trying to share my ipad in my Zoom meeting however the option to share iPad via cable does not show up as an option.  I d have the option to share via Airplay however our network does not allow Airplay.  Really would like to get this functionality to work.