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No acces to Zoom Live Trainings anymore...


Hi everybody !


I feel shocked and sad. I am a person, who needs a little bit longer to feel secure in things. So I decided to book some Zoom Live Trainings. All went well. 


But since some days, I don`t get reminders in my e-mail account and the link in the confirmation mail fails/ doesn`t work, though it was for an upcoming sheduld webinar, hosted and sended by Zoom.😭😭 It pushes me back to the side where to book the training, though I did before. Also copying the link in my browser doesn´t work. I got shown: Link is unknown. 😲 


( It´s about the Zoom Live Training that`s called: "How to teach online with Zoom" )


Time Zone is right and checked, browser worked in the past ( some days before ), I booked it and got a confirmation, that I am allowed to take part in it. Zoom client is updated. 


Anybody an idea, what might be the reason and what to do to solve the problem ? 


Every usefull answer is appreciated !

Thanks in advance and greetings to all Zoom lovers.


The Inquisitive





Hi @TheInquisitive ! My apologies for the delayed response, but are you still having this issue? 

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?