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New MAC Studio. Zoom on new MAC after 20min develops an endless 1 sec audio loop & screen freeze


My MAC Studio is only one month old.  When using Zoom for my business, an audio and video glitch happened after 20 minutes.  I record the meeting and allow my clients to record the coaching session.  When the Zoom session is at the 20 min mark, the screen freezes and a one second portion of whoever was talking at that moment is turned into a nonstop loop.  I contacted Zoom Support and after much problem solving, they said it was a server issue on their end.  My Zoom sessions worked for 30 minutes the following day and then exhibited the same problem.  I contacted Apple Support.  We uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom on the MAC Studio.  We tested a meeting then the problems happened again at 20 minute mark.  Cannot resolve.  My assistant signed in on my machine and is testing a meeting on my MAC and connecting to someone else's MacBook.  Both Host and Participant are recording.  Past 20 minute problem.  Feels like a software issue.  HELP



My boss just had a similar problem. You should check out this thread on looping audio: