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Need to display toasts on screen-share while demoing software


I am preparing to demonstrate software over screen share in a Zoom meeting. A feature being demonstrated involves displaying a toast notification to the user. However, toast notifications are not being shown in screen shares.


I have not found a way of changing this in configuration. If the application being demoed is selected for the screen share instead of the monitor it is shown on, then the toast is displayed to the user sharing their screen, but it is still not visible to other users viewing it.


Is there a way of configuring things so that toast notifications from the software being demonstrated are shown in the screen share?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Just trying to understand - you're saying even if you share your entire screen/desktop instead of the app itself your viewers still aren't seeing the toast notification?


What if before your demonstration you grabbed some screen shots and displayed those where you would want to show the toast notifications?  I know it's not the same but it at least gives viewers a visual idea of what they should be looking for?

Hi jkhartma, yes that's right. If the entire screen is shared then the toasts are not displayed at all, even on the presenter's computer. If the application is shared specifically then the toasts appear on the presenter's machine, but are not shown in the screen share for the viewers.


I've suggested using a video showing the actual behavior as a supplement to the live demo, but this would be less polished and compelling than showing the the full behavior in the live version.