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Need help with creating meetings to be used by a group of others


I need to create 4 monthly recurring meetings with Zoom that I will not be necessarily attending. There will be a facilitator and participants. I want the facilitators to be able to start the meeting and share simple word docs with participants. Participants can join openly and come/go as they please. The meetings will be on the same recurring schedule and time monthly. My problem is that Zoom will not allow me to grant them co-host status unless they are in my organization or under my license it seems. I am relatively new to Zoom in an organizer role, just past experience with joining as a simple participant.


Do my facilitators of these meetings need to be co-hosts or is there a way to run these meetings that doesn't need any host at all there?


If they aren't co-hosts, can they still share documents via chat?


If I cannot make them co-hosts, is there a way to start the meetings just automatically or without a host there at all? In that case they would just act as facilitator (although they would join as participant status) and lead the meeting.


Thank you in advance to anyone with guidance, my own research has not been fruitful so far!



Hey @PatrickKessel ,

I am assuming you have a Pro Account and not an Entreprise account with Zoom, so here is a little work-around that allows anyone to sign in as host and then have control over your recurring meeting (but also has some drawbacks).


  1. First, you need to edit your meeting and under OPTIONS check the box that says "Allow participants to join anytime"
  2. Next, go to your Zoom Profile page ( and scroll down to where it says "Host Key" and copy that number. Share this with your cohosts.
  3. When they want to start the meeting without you (the host) present, they just have to click the meeting link and then there will be an option to add their host key digits. 

Now, you should know that ANYONE that clicks the meeting link will automatically start the meeting. So even if nobody else is there, participants could start it by themselves. So I would usually tell cohosts to sign in 10-15 minutes early to add the host key and then turn on the Waiting Room.


I hope this works for you