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Need camera/head stabilization when doing Zoom meeting from treadmill


Some clients and coworkers have issues with my head movement when I walk on the treadmill during Zoom meetings.  Can anyone recommend video stabilization software I could use to resolve?  I use an HD Pro Webcam C920.  If software won't resolve is there a recommended camera that would resolve.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Have you tried joining/hosting the meeting from say a desk or table instead of the treadmill?

I don't walk the treadmill 100% of the day so some Zoom meetings are fine.  Or I can turn off the camera which I prefer not to do as too impersonal.  I work from home so I like to turn on my camera and be as interactive as possible with clients and teammates.  

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @lklutzke ,


What an interesting question!


The issue you will face is that camera stabilization is not a trivial process.


Computer Vision

Stabilizing video from a fixed point ( i.e. your Logitech C920) in real-time; falls in the realm of Computer Vision or CV. That said, CV is computationally expensive (Uses LOTS of CPU), and requires a bit of setup and a fair understanding of some nerdy computer science topics like recognition, object classification (convolutional neural networks), and motion analysis (Tracking and Optical flow). So as you might imagine, real-time camera stabilization is fairly rare.


Here is an example:

How to Implement Real-Time Video Stabilization Using OpenCV


Camera Image Stabilization

On the other hand, there are cameras that you can purchase (ex. DJI Osmo Action cameras, GoPro)  that do have great "Image Stabilization", but those cameras really only offer stabilization from the point of view of the camera.


Simply, if you place an image stabilized camera on a selfie stick while you while you are bobbing up and down during your run on the treadmill; the the motion you are introducing into the video frame will be minimized to some degree. But this solution would require you to hold the camera the whole time you were running on the treadmill. 


So what to do?

My suggestion is to utilize Zoom's Video Avatar! 


Zoom Avatars

Avatars enable you to replace your appearance with a 3D virtual avatar that will allow you to engage with your coworkers while not subjecting them to the distracting head movement while on your treadmill and maybe even adding a bit of fun!


Using Avatars in meetings and webinars


I hope that this provides the information you need, reply if you have any further questions. Otherwise, consider marking this post a "Accept as Solution" so other Zoom Community members may find this solution as well!



Thank you for true consideration of my issue and the detailed response.  However, I will leave this open to see if I get any other options.  I really prefer my camera to be on as I work from home and feel "camera on" is much more personal with clients and teammates.  I concur a camera with gyro stabilization does me no good since it is me moving and not the camera.  I am hoping for a camera with internal software to stabilize the image before delivering it to the application.  I have seen influencer videos where the camera locks to the poster's face instead of the background.  Now I'm guessing this is software used on the recording after the fact - not camera feed stabilization.