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NEW password not recognized


Downloaded ZOOM on my phone, tried to log in but got a 'wrong password' message, which is odd since I am certain I used the right one. I am a premium user and I need zoom for my job.


I did reset my password anyway, and have created a new password, but I continue getting the same message WITH THE NEW PASSWORD I JUST SET.


I've been unable to contact support, there are so many levels to support that it is impossible to navigate, not user friendly at all.


Now I am afraid to log out of zoom on my laptop since it may give me the same problem and then I'd be unable to use ZOOM at all, which I cannot have happen.


Why is my new password not recognized?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi marsmolina,


please see the support article

Resetting your forgotten password – Zoom Support


you can create a support ticket at

Submit a request – Zoom Support


thanks, eliot