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Multiple spotlight won't work with Livestream


I have noticed that multiple spotlights not working while live streaming to Facebook or Workplace. Sometimes this is critical while we have multiple speakers in the call and we need to spotlight only two participants in those sharing videos. Gallery view is another option but this will share all the videos. Is there any other workaround?



there is! we can only spotlight a person on live stream

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

The livestream should show whatever is shown in the Zoom meeting.


Also please make sure u choose correct view if u are using webinar : 

Attendee View: Set the video layout that the attendees see during the webinar. By default, they see the same view as the host (the host's default view is gallery view).
Follow Host's View: Participants will see the same view that the host is using, whether active speaker view or gallery view. If the host is sharing their screen, the attendees will have side by side mode with the host's share and the active speaker's video. The attendees can adjust the share and video size.
Speaker: Speaker view switches between the active speakers in the webinar, with other video panelists above the active speaker when not speaking.
Gallery: Gallery view presents either 25 or 49 participants (if enabled in client Settings) on the screen in equal size. If there are more panelists than allowed to fit, multiple pages of gallery view will be created.


While on recording you can check here :


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Hi there, despite you said "The livestream should show whatever is shown in the Zoom meeting", unfortunatelly this is not what happen when you spotlight 2 people for instance... the stream just dont care for "spotlight" nor "follow the hosts order" features... that's what I've found in my testings...

Good news @Lucianno !! A recent release now allows for multi-spotlight to be seen on the livestream. I've combed through release notes over the past 1.5 months and don't see it listed (otherwise I'd provide link).


However, we've been doing it at our location, and are very happy that this functionality has been added.