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Multiple hosts / Low monthly usage: Do you know a zoom service for us?


Hello Videoconferencing Pros,


I am looking for advice from someone who understands zoom's policies and pricing better than I. Our organization is on Zoom Pro. We are looking for a zoom service that allows for multiple hosts but is reasonably priced to match the low hours that we use the videoconferencing service.


See details below. Thank you in advance for your insight and expertise.


Use case:

  • Our organization uses an average of 6-8 hours per month of videoconferencing.
  • Each of our 20 hosts uses our zoom room once every 2-6 months for 90 minutes with 3-15 participants.
  • We need to be able to be able to designate an alternative host when scheduling meetings. But we do not need the a full license for each host, who will host about 5 hours per year.


Zoom's policy:

  • To give our hosts the ability to independently log in, zoom requires that we purchase a full license for each host. For all our hosts, this would amount to about $3,000/year for a total of 7 hours of videoconferencing per month. (this would be the dictionary definition of "paying way too much")
  • A work-around is to open the zoom room for hosts and give them host status (however we need a service that allows hosts to independently log in)


Question: Is there a zoom service (or other videoconferencing service) that allows for several hosts to independently log in? and is reasonably priced for relatively low hours?

  • Is there a zoom offering that would allow an organization like ours to pay by the hour rather than per unique host?
  • Or, do you know of a videoconferencing service that is a better match for our needs?